Professional Development

Purpose Prep holds all staff to high expectations and provides the necessary supports to ensure they achieve ambitious goals for scholars. Professional development and continuous improvement is integral to the Purpose Prep way.

Quality teacher development is the key to attracting and retaining talented individuals and the lever to raising student achievement levels. The children of Nashville deserve the highest quality educators, and we deem it our responsibility to support our teachers to execute dramatic student results. We know that when classroom instruction improves, student achievement gains increase. Therefore, we prioritize ongoing, varied opportunities for teachers to improve their instruction through classroom observations and feedback, data analysis and action planning meetings, curriculum development and review, professional learning communities, video analysis and debriefs, excellent classroom and school visits, and mentorship and leadership opportunities. 

Our teachers are developed to be the best in their craft. Every staff member receives targeted support based on their needs and school goals to ensure a continuous cycle of conversation, reflection, and improved instructional ability. This individual development, along with grade-level and school-wide collaboration and teamwork, make our school the optimum learning environment, not only for our children, but also for our adults.