The Purpose Prep Way

RIGOROUS. DISCIPLINED. JOYFUL.  Our scholars love to learn and 'grow their brains'! 

Purpose Prep maximizes our scholars’ natural desire to learn – learning is exciting, interesting, and what children crave to do as much as they can. Our scholars rise to the level of high expectations held for them because work at Purpose Prep is rigorous and engaging, structures and routines allow for success, and a joy for learning permeates the school. We are purposeful in everything we do. Rigorous academics and character education are at the core of the work we do. We instill in Purpose Prep scholars a strong academic and character foundation that firmly underpins school and life success.

Purpose Prep ensures that every scholar achieves our ambitious academic and character goals. Teachers are committed to our mission by continuously improving their craft to optimize student achievement. With a shared purpose, every member of our school community is dedicated to our scholars’ success. The principals and practices that ensure the attainment of our mission comprise the Purpose Prep way.


Through rigorous curriculum, high quality instruction, and positive character development, Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School ensures that all kindergarten through grade four students achieve the academic skills, knowledge, and ethical foundation to be set on the path to college.

Rigorous Curriculum - Given our high expectations for every scholar, we use the Common Core State Standards as a solid base for our curriculum. In order for our scholars to be academically competitive with their peers nationwide, we construct curricula that match the academic content and rigor that will support and grow our students to perform on national assessments at the 75th percentile and higher, an indicator of college readiness. We ensure that every Purpose Prep scholar is equipped with the knowledge and skills to read, write, speak and compute at and above rigorous grade level standards. Our curriculum is rigorous, comprehensive, provides intensive and differentiated support, and focuses extensively on literacy.

High-Quality Instruction - Effective teaching “completely changes the academic trajectory of low-achieving students - vaulting them from the lowest to the highest quartile.” Our teachers promote a culture of achievement in their classrooms, implementing effective instructional strategies that have greatest positive effect on student achievement for all students, in all subject areas, at all grade levels. Teachers are supported through frequent observations and feedback sessions to continuously increase their instructional effectiveness and maximize student achievement results.

Positive Character Development - Purpose Prep scholars learn how to behave in a responsible and constructive manner because our school is structured, disciplined, and joyful. We adhere to the true definition of discipline – teaching how to do good and how to be good. We invest scholars in the value of being a community member of Purpose Prep, and we explicitly teach students how to “RISE with Purpose” - Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Self- Determination, and Excellence – through their actions. Scholars are taught that their effort directly correlates to their achievement, and they are recognized and celebrated for their hard work and academic success.