Why Purpose Prep

Thank you for your interest in Purpose Prep. Let us tell you more about why you should choose to enroll your child in our school. 

Purpose Prep holds high academic and behavioral expectations for every scholar.
We believe that every child regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or incoming academic level can and must achieve at a high level. Every child is capable of achieving high behavioral and academic success. We model, teach, and hold all students to high expectations ensuring every child develops academic and character foundation to be set on the path to college.

Purpose Prep is an academically rigorous, college-preparatory school. 
We are unapologetically focused on setting scholars on the path to college. Our classrooms maximize every learning second, and learning is academically rigorous, engaging, and fast-paced. Purpose Prep has an extended school day (7:50am-4:00pm) and longer school year (185 days). Scholars receive frequent homework and focused academic intervention.

Purpose Prep has an intensive focus on literacy. 
To truly close the achievement gap, academic skill development - most particularly within literacy - is critical in the early grades. Our scholars engage in 225 minutes of literacy instruction daily. Our mission requires an impeccable academic foundation, most intensively within literacy, measurable at each grade level, and we devote the majority of our financial, temporal, and curricular resources towards that goal.

Purpose Prep fosters a safe, disciplined, and respectful school community. 
Purpose Prep provides a safe and orderly environment where scholars maximize each and every learning opportunity offered within the school, and thus, are able to academically excel. With a clearly defined, firm, and consistent discipline policy and our RISE with Purpose Character Development Program, we hold scholars accountable for demonstrating excellent behavior. Our focus on positive character development provides scholars with the tools to practice, internalize, and exemplify these core values consistently in their daily interactions, in grade level appropriate ways.

Purpose Prep develops strong partnerships with our families. 
Our families are equally invested in the success of our scholars. We detail the role and responsibilities that families must fulfill to support our shared work to set our scholars on a path to college. We are in constant, proactive communication, with daily communication on academic and behavioral progress, bi-weekly phone check-ins on scholar growth, three University Nights throughout the year on literacy and mathematics, and annual Home Visits and Family Orientation Sessions.

If you are excited about Purpose Prep for these reasons, then what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW

We are currently accepting applications for Kindergarteners for the 2015-16 school year. Purpose Prep is free to attend, and there are no admission requirements. Any child living in Davidson County School District is eligible for enrollment.