Metro Nashville Public School Board Approves Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School

Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School, a tuition-free, public charter school educating students in kindergarten through grade four, has been approved by the Metropolitan Nashville Public School Board.

Purpose Prep announces they will be opening their doors to 90 Kindergarten students in Fall 2013. The public charter school was officially approved by the Metropolitan Nashville Public School Board on June 26, 2012.

Through rigorous curriculum, high quality instruction, and positive character development, Purpose Preparatory Academy Charter School (“Purpose Prep”) ensures that all students achieve the academic skills, knowledge and ethical foundation to be set on the path to college. With an intensive focus on the acquisition of essential literacy skills, Purpose Prep provides targeted and rigorous instruction in each core subject to meet the academic needs of every scholar. Purpose Prep holds scholars accountable for demonstrating excellent behavior by teaching them the character skills necessary for their success, specifically the school’s RISE with Purpose values – Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Self-Determination and Excellence. By instilling in scholars a strong academic and character foundation that firmly underpins school and life success, Purpose Prep sets a foundation towards high levels of learning throughout middle and high school and on the road to college.

“We know that every child can be academically successful,” says Lagra Newman, Purpose Prep Lead Founder. “Our school is designed to elevate the achievement levels of children throughout Nashville and is informed by the highest performing charter schools across the nation. With our college preparatory mission for our scholars, unwavering belief in their potential, an effective school model, and the capacity to lead Purpose Prep well, we will deliver strong academic results for our scholars.”

Purpose Prep provides an academically challenging, disciplined, and joyful elementary school environment in which the entire school community – board members, leaders, teachers, families and scholars – understand and are driven by the mission of college. “Purpose Prep has resonated powerfully within the community. We have a strong demand from families who want their children prepared for college, and we look forward to partnering with them to transform the academic and life trajectory for children,” says Harry Allen, Purpose Prep Board Chairman. “As a native Nashvillian, the work of educating our youth to the highest level possible could not be more important.”

Purpose Prep is grateful for the support of the Tennessee Charter School Incubator, an organization that supports high performing charter schools. Lead Founder, Lagra Newman, has also had the national support of Building Excellent Schools, a national charter school creation program that trains, supports and mentors individuals to design, found, sustain, and lead high performing, urban public charter schools. More information can be found at

Purpose Prep is currently accepting applications for its inaugural Kindergarten class for the fall of 2013, with 90 slots available for the class of 2030 - the year these scholars will graduate from college. Families and community members seeking information about enrollment or wishing to support the work of Purpose Prep should contact Lagra Newman at 615.669.2396 or Email Us.

Purpose Prep